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2010 SEAS Board Elected

Well, we did it!  We completed the inaugural year of SouthEast Alaska Sailing.  The final duty was to elect a board for 2010, and that has been done.  We elected 6 new board members, and held over our two At Large board members from last year, so our new board looks like this:


Now accepting nominations for Board Positions.

Greetings fellow sailors. The time has come to start the nomination process for next years board member positions. Only current members in good standing can submit nominations for other members in good standing. After signing in, follow this link: to submit your nominations for the 2010 board members. You can nominate several people per position as is explained on the nomination form.

The Results are in....

Well there you have it folks.... another Juneau sailing season goes down in the history books. One of the better ones in recent memory with all the good sailing days and sunny days... which didn't always necessarily coincide but none the less made for an overall good sailing season. With several new additions to the SEAS fleet, only in it's first year by the way, next year looks to be a good year with some stiff competition amongst the ranks.


The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of the North West, (PHRF-NW) where our handicap system is based, has just made major upgrades to their website: