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The SEAS cup is a series of 15 races designed to be the most fun, while remaining challenging and rewarding.  The races begin May 6th, and continue all the way through Labor Day.

They are great races for sailors of all experience levels.  For new skippers, it is a great chance to learn your boat but be in a group of other boats that can give you a hand with any problems that you might have while sailing.  For the most experienced sailors, there are some pretty competitive racers in this fleet.

The SEAS cup has races to all the good harbors around Juneau, from the docks of Taku Harbor and Funter Bay, to the great anchorage at Admiralty Cove.  We even have day races for those just wanting to get out for a day, but might not be able to commit an entire weekend to racing.

A boat can race in all of the SEAS Cup races (15 races) for $50.00.  Registration fees can be paid here.

All SEAS Races are subject to our General Sailing Instructions

SEAS Cup Races: Printable Instructions


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