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Skipper’s Choice #3

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Sat, 08/02/2014 (All day)
Marmion Starting Line

Starting at 10:00 a.m. between the Committee boat and the Marmion Island Day Mark ( an imaginary line bearing 060 magnetic to, and within ½ mile of the mark), the boats will sail ONE of these courses: 

A. North into Taku Inlet, crossing an imaginary line bearing 60 magnetic to, and within ½ mile of Jaw Point, returning and crossing an imaginary line bearing 060 magnetic to, and within ½ mile of the Marmion Island Day mark. 

Fabulous Funter Bay 2014

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Saturday, Race One: The first race began on Saturday morning in a slow start in light air off Portland Island. Five race boats started on the line and headed off toward Point Retreat. Spinnakers were set and all the boats reached along the first leg with the available breeze.

A Sunny Ride on the Backside of Douglas

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The race last Saturday started at 10am on the line made between Thalia, serving as Committee Boat, and the Marmion Island day mark. Weather called for light breeze of up to six knots and possibly rain. After a few weeks off due to the AIR, the sailors were itching to get off land, wind or not.

Reception for AIR

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Wed, 07/09/2014 - 20:00 - 21:00
Island Pub

We’d like to extend an invitation to the SEAS membership to come out to the Island Pub this evening after GOTB @ 8pm to informally welcome home the skippers and crew of the boats that participated in the Admiralty Island Rally (AIR).


Admiralty Island Rally Report

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The crew line-up was as follows: 

Quest:  Chris and Louise Miller, with Wade Rogers as crew

Surprise: Anthony and Laurie Crupi, with their children Eli and Serena as crew

High Noon: Sean Boily and Sarah Lewis with young son Axel, and little dog Archer as crew.

Day 1:  The 2014 AIR fleet of three; Surprise, Quest, and High Noon convened at Marmion in the early morning of June 21 and very little wind, elected to motor south until they found it - off Limestone Inlet approximately halfway to the evening mark at Holcomb Bay.  That zephyr lasted a couple of hours and all were motoring across a sheet of glass by Midway Island.  Ice was found and safe anchorage was located at Holcomb where Quest invited all aboard for a shared meal and desert as well as stories of adventure.   I think it was a first for many of us to be on a boat that can so comfortably seat 7 adults and three kids around a table.  Surprise set a crab pot. 

Day 2: Calm, with the excitement being that Anthony caught numerous crab in their single pot and had a promise of a shared catch at day’s end.  We all motored southward towards Pybus bay in a steadily intensifying rain, with little sign of wind until the Brothers Islands, where those who were motor sailing were surpassing hull speed with a following sea as they entering Pybus Bay.  Many whales were seen that day.  Pybus Bay anchorage at Cannery Cove was quiet with only one other cruiser in sight.  Sean put an empty bucket on the aft deck for the night and was amazed that it collected more than 3” of rain in a mere 7 hours at anchor! 

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