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Sail Measuring

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Sat, 04/26/2014 - 12:00 - 15:00
KTOO @360 Studio

In preparation for the upcoming sailing season and to assist the new SEAS Handicapper, Brian Lieb, with reviewing all boat ratings, we will get together in the @360 studio at KTOO for a Sail Measuring session. At the minimum, bring your largest headsail & spinnaker for measuring so Brian can review the numbers on your rating forms. For those that have mainsails off the boom for the winter, please bring those for measuring as well. 

BYO drinks and snacks so we can all share.

Great Sailing Adventure! Admiralty Island Rally (AIR)

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Planning ahead for our busy summer sailing season, boat owners who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply for entry in the Admiralty Island Rally (AIR). 

This is a SEAS recreational event open to both racing and cruising sailboats, promoted in the spirit of adventure of all sailors.  This is an incredible way to get away from town and into ship-board living for a week, testing both technical sailing skills and the basics of being prepared for anything and everything life on the water in our region can bring. 

So skippers: check you calendars and block out the dates (June 21-29) - and start talking to potential crew about doing the same!

Sailor Talk No. 4

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Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:00 - 20:00
KTOO studios

Sailor Talk #4 will be Thursday, April 17th at 6pm. The topic for our discussion will be Safety and Seamanship.

Educational Webinar Voting

We are planning on scheduling a sailing webinar, and the Commodore would like to poll the membership on what they'd like to see.  The choices are:


UK Sailing's Racing Rules Quiz Program

NorthU's Trim Webinar

A night with Quest: Sailor Talk #2

Sailor Talk #2 was a night of story sharing among SEAS members and talk about an Atlantic adventure. 


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