Socially Distant Kick-off

Well, 2020 sure has been a downer, but these sailor's aren't going to let that stop them from having some fun.  The board met, and discussed how, in light of Covid-19 and social distancing, to hold the 11th SEAS Cup season kick-off race.  So, they decided to kick-off the 2020 season by having a socially distant race.  Boats could only be single-handed or crewed by people who lived together. 

As the Saturday approached, the short-handed skippers began to look at the weather, and the forecast was calling from 10 knots and 2 foot seas, which every sailor in Southeast Alaska knows means:  "It might gust to 10 somewhere at some point."  So, the boats were expecting a long day of floating around alone on a lonely sea, a kind of metaphor for 2020.

Someone, Lori I think, mentioned that she had heard that morning that the national weather service was calling for potentially some westerlies later in the day, so the call went out over the radio, "Let's do the back side of Douglas".  It really is the only one of the three choices for the Skipper's Choice.  So, it was decided.  We were going to race from Marmion to Pt. Hilda and back.

Skipper's Choice #3 Race Results

Despite a gloomy forecast, the weather was actually pretty good for last Saturday's race.  The fog lifted, the rain didn't happen, and the wind steadily built during the day. Shortly after the start (thanks to Thalia for acting as committee boat) the race became a downwind spinnaker run to Point Hilda.  Haiku was first across the start line and led the fleet throughout the race, with High Noon running second.   Asterix very slowly pulling ahead of Thalia on the downwind run and both boats were slowly catching up with Hi

Race Report: SEAS Cup Race #1—Skipper’s Choice

The opening race of the 2015 season started at 10 am at Marmion Island with Asterix as the Committee Boat.  It was sunny and clear, and the breeze was light, but forecasted to pick up in the afternoon.  High Noon and Optiminium were fast across the start line, followed by Thalia, Surprise, Loa’a Nalu, Cetus, and Tango in a cluster.  Haiku took the opportunity to change headsails early on and was passed off the line by most of the boats.  High Noon never looked back, Thalia moved into second flying her Code 1 sail, and the rest of the boats spread out between the start line and Pt Arden.