A Great Way to Start the Season

A steady 10 knot breeze launched the 2013 SEAS Cup sail boat race series with 4 boats at the start off Marmion Island.

With a dense fog lifting, a pleasant reach to Point Arden found the fleet still in close quarters and the wind dropping to the low side of 5 knots. Most of the fleet took a counter clockwise approach to Grand Island and Surprise emerged from the rounding with a considerable and growing lead.

Tahlia scratched short of Grand and Sound Discovery joined Loa’a Nalu fighting the tide change looking for wind. After a radio exchange the crew of Sound Discovery decided to scratch just 20 minutes to soon.

A Great Day on the Water

On the back side of Douglas this past Saturday it all came together for a group of sailors to enjoy another wonderful summer day in Juneau. Yes they are rare this year, but we all got lucky when we decided to go sailing with SEAS. The fog kept visibility at about a mile as Tango, Lyric, Loa’a Nalu and Haiku gathered around the committee boat, for a start off Marmion Island at 1000.

Drifting around the south corner of Douglas on a light westerly we were delighted to find a pleasant 10 knot breeze filling the course down to Pt. Hilda. As expected, Haiku took an early and dominant lead as the remaining three traded a few tacks to make the half way turn off Pt. Hilda.

A very pleasant and sunny spinnaker run back to the south end of Douglas found Tango sliding through the inevitable Marmion hole, with Loa’a Nalu  with in a ¼ mile of her stern, Haiku was long gone. 

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