To promote the appreciation of sailing and foster a community and culture committed to advancing both sailing and sailing education in the Juneau area.

Admiralty Cove Race - SUCCESS!

It was a great weekend of sail boat racing in Juneau. The Marmion Island starting line turnout was impressive with 10 boats.  A group of 5 boats from Auke Bay joined the racers in Admiralty Cove bringing the total number of boats to 15, and the 50 or so sailors proceeded to have a lot of fun barbequing and conversing on the beach.  Brand new members of SEAS joined the crew and skippers in ignoring the bugs well into the evening.  

The racing on Saturday was great with a southerly breeze pushing the fleet down the west coast of Douglas to the finish line just off Admiralty Cove.  (Saturday Results)  The return leg of the racing was plagued with light winds and contrary tides which moved most skippers to douse their sails early and motor home. (Sunday Results)

Seas Cup Continues with Admiralty Cove Rendezvous

The Seas Cup is off to a great first season of racing. Round 3 June 13-14 will find a group of sailors ready to take on the challenging , fickle air of the south side of Douglas Island to gather in Admiralty Cove. This race often brings out a large number of boats because of the great beach party and skippers have finally got it together with boat repairs and finding a crew. Another notable aspect of this round of the SEAS Cup is the advantage for slower boats to keep up if a south wind develops on leg one.  Take a moment and review the course and race description here and plan on a Skippers meeting Friday June 12th 5:00 pm at the Squire's Rest.

Memorial Day - SUCCESS!

Well, the weekend was a gigantic success, with two great days of sailing, and three great days of weather. 


The boats left Mayflower Island at 10:15 on Saturday and raced upwind all the way to Graves Point, and had consistent breeze and speed the entire way.  The race marked the racing debut of Cetus, a Columbia 8.3 sloop sailed by Ati Nasiah, one of the newest sailors in the fleet, and she and her all woman crew did fantastic.  To see the results of this race, go here.


The boats tied up at the dock.  The barbeque's fired up, the beer and wine began to flow, and lies were told.  The end of a long day and great day.


Sunday dawned, another glorious sunny day in South East Alaska.  And 5 boats (Lyric, Mess Around, Cetus, Smoke, and Seychelles) braved the sun and light winds for the race to Twin Points and back.  Unfortunately, with Twin Points only a few hundred yards away, the wind died completely and all the boats were forced to fire up their engines and head back for another night of yarns, food, and fun.


Memorial Day Taku Harbor Rendezvous

Taku Harbor RevelryMemorial Day Weekend, the beginning of summer, and the first SEAS cup overnight set of races.  Traditionally, one of the best attended races, it has something for everyone.  The first of three races begins 10:15 at Marmion Island, and proceeds up the channel, into Stephen's Passage and finishes at Graves Point.  This race is generally and upwind battle up the channel, with a close reach past Pt Arden, finishing with some tacking to Graves Point.


The boats then tie up in Taku Harbor, for a night of revelry. 


The start time for Sunday's race is to be determined by the skippers and crew based on exactly how much revelry was had the night before.  The fun-o-meter can be read by determining how late the Sunday race begins.