10 hours of great sailing yet 300 yards short


 The most recent day race was great fun.  The race began with a light air drift up the back side of Douglas to Pt. Hilda.  At the half way point the wind  filled but remained fickle. Lorax a trimaran,  was first to turn followed by Shoeless with Haiku close behind. Loa’a Nalu found a few lucky tacks and was able to catch the leaders on the quick return to Marmion.But as most would predict, getting around Marmion to the finish line proved daunting and Shoreless, Loa’a Nalu and Lorax all scratched late in the evening. “10 hours of great sailing yet 300 yards short”   Haiku, with a masterful display of light air sailing, drifted across the finish line minutes before the 9:00 PM curfew.


August 20th is SEAS next sailing event.  It's  a day sail down to Admiralty Cove and a beach party. This event is open to any one who wants to get out for the day and visit with other sailors around a bond fire and good food. So bring something for the grill and something to share and get to Admirality Cove, preferably under sail.



Friday August 26th is another beach party. This one you can walk to. Sandy Beach from 5-9 pm SEAS is putting on it's summer beach party. Charcole and beer will be availalable. Bring a friend .