To promote the appreciation of sailing and foster a community and culture committed to advancing both sailing and sailing education in the Juneau area.

Memorial Day Taku Harbor Rendezvous

Taku Harbor RevelryMemorial Day Weekend, the beginning of summer, and the first SEAS cup overnight set of races.  Traditionally, one of the best attended races, it has something for everyone.  The first of three races begins 10:15 at Marmion Island, and proceeds up the channel, into Stephen's Passage and finishes at Graves Point.  This race is generally and upwind battle up the channel, with a close reach past Pt Arden, finishing with some tacking to Graves Point.


The boats then tie up in Taku Harbor, for a night of revelry. 


The start time for Sunday's race is to be determined by the skippers and crew based on exactly how much revelry was had the night before.  The fun-o-meter can be read by determining how late the Sunday race begins. 


Jaw Point - The Drifter


Well, the SEAS cup started a little slow, with four boats: Lyric, Mess Around, Smoke and Haiku.  The weather cooperated, with one slight problem.  NO WIND!  


The boats motored to the starting line at Marmion Island, to start at around 11:00 AM (it seems that 10:30 is just a little too early for all but one of the boats, no need to mention which).  Conquest II, owned by Tom and Tish Satre, agreed to be the committee boat.  It became evident that there was going to be a lot of current, and very little wind, but the countdown began at 10:55.


As the boats jockeyed the pre-start, the wind gradually diminished as the tide reached its peak flood filling the nearly 18 foot tide.  It became very difficult for the sailboats to even cross the start line, but when they did, what a treat!  The fleet was joined by an uninvited, but not unwelcome pod of Orcas!



The Inaugural SEAS CUP race - May 9, 2009

JoySpring at Jaw Point The first race in the first SEAS Cup starts this Saturday at 10:30 AM, at Marmion Island.  So to be at the start on time, you should probably leave your slip at about 8:30 or 9:00 AM.


The Jaw Point race will begin between the committee boat, and the day mark on Marmion Island, proceeding to Jaw Point, and the back down the channel to finish at Sheep Creek.


Before all of our SEAS Races, there is a mandatory skippers meeting.  The Skippers meeting for the Jaw Point race will be held Friday, May 8, 2009 at 5:30 PM at the Breakwater Bar.   If you cannot make the Skipper's meeting, then you must notify the commodore that you are going to participate, and you must pay the entry fees.

April 29 - GOTB

Cetus sailing image #2 image #2 image #2 image #2

The boats, crew, and sun showed up, it was too bad that the wind didn't.  But light air can't keep a good sailor down, so in SEAS first GOTB Wednesday night sail, 9 boats came out. 


Three new boats sailed the waters with the fleet, including a Walker Bay dinghy, Cetus, and Peregrin.  Juneau sailors enjoyed an evening of great weather, and being out on the water in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.  Sailing peacefully amongst good friends and fun boats, is there anything better?


The camaraderie was destroyed, however, when the commodore's boat, Haiku, was viciously attacked by water balloon wielding pirates claiming to want a photo opportunity.  The attackers came up to Haiku, asking for the unsuspecting crew to photograph Spindrift with her new crew.  Haiku's crew, a bright and noble lot, when asked to photograph a seemingly excited crew, happily obliged.


April 25th - The After Party

The SEAS Sandy Beach 2009 Season Kick-off party was a huge success!  
So the party started at 1700 with only a few people and some windy drizzle, but things rapidly picked up.  After moving to the shelter with a fire place, and starting a little fire.  Prospective sailors began showing up, the pizza arrived, and the fun commenced.