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The Very Windy SEAS Kick-Off Race

Three sailboats motored to the Marmion Island starting line to race in SEAS Kickoff race to start the 2012 SEAS season. Surprise, Tango, and Haiku met at the south end of the channel in very light conditions to discuss the race.

Since the wind appeared to be filling in from the south, the skippers decided that the circumnavigation of Grand Island would be the race most likely to have wind.  So, as the wind built to about 10 knots, the boats maneuvered around the pre-start, and began the race at 10:25. 

Haiku got out to a strong start, followed by Surprise and Tango.  As the boats passed Pt. Arden, the wind began to build to about 20 knots.  The seas were building and the race was beginning to heat up.  Surprise and Tango were able to reef their sails and made up a lot of ground on the overpowered Haiku.  

2012 SEAS Cup - Season Kick-Off Race

05/13/2012 - 10:00 to 21:00

Round 1: Skipper's Choice #1

Starting at 10:00 a.m. between the Committee boat and the Marmion Island Day Mark, the boats will sail ONE of these courses:   

A. North into Taku Inlet rounding the buoy off Jaw Point on a starboard tack, returning and crossing an imaginary line bearing 060 magnetic to the Marmion Island Day mark. 

Virtual Eye Sailing

 For those times when you can't go sailboat racing or wish you could crew on some of the most well known big budget boats, there's Virtual Eye.  VE is a 3D program used at sporting events around the world and with it, you can 'sail' through their race archives including the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, the Audi MedCup, Louis Vuitton trophy, etc.  VE allows you to zoom up to a boat and watch its sail and course changes, zoom out and see how that boat is doing against the rest of the fleet, track how fast they're moving, among other things.

SEAS Kick-off Weekend a Success

The SEAS BBQ and nautical treasures sale was a success.  In true southeast Alaska spring fashion we all huddled under the protection of a Sandy Beach Shelter, and had food and drinks around a fire, defying wind and rain.  Bargains were had (should have seen the “Free” table!), stories told, and plans made for the upcoming sailing season.  About 35 or so attendees came and went, in spite of the weather.