To promote the appreciation of sailing and foster a community and culture committed to advancing both sailing and sailing education in the Juneau area.

Sailor's Talk on Thursday, April 18th, 6 pm at NorthWind Architects, 126 Seward Street

 Just a quick note about the upcoming SEAS Sailor's Talk event this Thursday, April 18th at 6 pm at NorthWind Architects, 126 Seward Street. There will be a video presentation on Cold Water Sailing with a moderator, followed by a display of and discussion about some of the safety gear required to participate in the SEAS Cup series and the Spirit of Admiralty race. The sailing season is about to start so please join us on Thursday.

Sail Care and Maintenance

In advance of the next SEAS Sailor's Talk event on March 21st from 5-8 pm at the KTOO t.v. studio, here's a really good article on sail care from the folks at North Sails


Proper sail maintenance is easy and takes little time, but it can make a big difference in the life and performance of your sails. Whether you have new racing built from aramid or Dacron cruising sails that are several years old, a little care can maximize the value of your investment.

Jay Ginter Memorial Day Regatta

05/25/2013 - 09:30 to 05/27/2013 - 21:00

Jay Ginter Memorial Day Regatta - 3 legs 

Leg 1 (Saturday) - Starting at 9:30 a.m. between the Committee Boat (or, for late arrivals, the last satellite earth station at the end of the Rock Dump) and the Mayflower Island Day Mark, proceed south down Gastineau Channel, then south across Taku Inlet, into Stephens Passage passing Grand Island to either port or starboard (Skipper’s choice), finishing ½-mile off the entrance to Taku Harbor on an imaginary line bearing 030 magnetic to the Graves Point marker. Boats will dock/anchor overnight in Taku Harbor.

SEAS interview on KTOO

On March 19th, 2013, two members of the SEAS Board will be interviewed during Jeff Brown's 'Juneau Afternoons' on KTOO at 3 pm.  This is a popular Juneau events radio show and Jeff has been hosting it for many years.

Joel Osburn, the SEAS Vice Commodore, and Wade Rogers, who is the Communications Committee Chair and an At Large Member, will be interviewed regarding SEAS's next Sailor's Talk event which will feature information on sail repair, measurement, and maintenance.  This event will be held in the KTOO t.v. studios, 360 Egan Drive from 5-8 pm on March 21st.