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2013 Maritime Festival

During this years Maritime Festival at Marine Park, I think we experienced every type of weather imaginable in one day:  winter in the form of sleet, spring in the form of rain, and summer in the form of brief periods of sunshine!  None of these weather extremes could deter a determined group of SEAS sailors from participating by taking people on short sailboat rides.  The winds were anywhere from 10-15 knots with maybe one foot seas so it made for some exciting sailing.  I brought Lyric over to the dock by the Wings of Alaska float and Eric Keifner, the skipper of Shoreless, also came over

A Great Way to Start the Season

A steady 10 knot breeze launched the 2013 SEAS Cup sail boat race series with 4 boats at the start off Marmion Island.

With a dense fog lifting, a pleasant reach to Point Arden found the fleet still in close quarters and the wind dropping to the low side of 5 knots. Most of the fleet took a counter clockwise approach to Grand Island and Surprise emerged from the rounding with a considerable and growing lead.

Tahlia scratched short of Grand and Sound Discovery joined Loa’a Nalu fighting the tide change looking for wind. After a radio exchange the crew of Sound Discovery decided to scratch just 20 minutes to soon.

SEAS Kick-off Race

05/12/2013 - 00:00


Skipper’s Choice #1– 1 Leg

Starting at 10:00 a.m. between the Committee boat and the Marmion Island Day Mark, the boats will sail ONE of these courses: 

A. North into Taku Inlet rounding the buoy off Jaw Point on a starboard tack, returning and crossing an imaginary line bearing 060 magnetic to the Marmion Island Day mark. 

Sailor's Talk and PIYA requirements

 SEAS had a really good turn out tonight for Sailor's Talk.  I didn't count heads but I would imagine there were a dozen people there including new boat owners as well as new crew members.  Jim Mahan gave a presentation on the upcoming Spirit of Adventure Around Admiralty Race with some lively discussion by those of us who've done the race and those who want to do it.  Our Commodore, Sean Boiley, went over the PIYA safety requirements for the SEAS Cup series and the Admiralty race, which are located at this link.