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First Sailboat Race of 2011!

If Sunday is a harbinger of things to come, 2011 may be the best SEAS year ever.

While the boats motored to Marmion Island for the start of the 2011 racing season, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing northerly, and the crews were getting warmed up.  As they approached Marmion the wind lightened and shifted to southerly, as per usual, but the fleet could see the white caps in Stephen's Passage, just waiting to be sailed.

Free Sailboat Rides

Three SEAS boats came down to the Hangar dock for the Second Annual Juneau Maritime Festival to give sailboat rides to anyone that wanted to come down to the dock to get on the boat.

Sailor's Talk Recap

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Although the weather was sunny, several faithful members and visitors participated in last night’s Sailor Talk ~ including 8 Skippers and 7 crew.  Also give a big SEAS welcome to  two New Skippers Members who signed up ….  Gus Marx of S/V Maeve a Pacific Seacraft Sloop and Sigrid Dahlberg & Hal Geiger of S/V Okojo Maru a Albin Vega …. Welcome!!!!

Wade Rogers, the SEAS Racing Committee Chairman spoke on sailing rules when racing, along with skookum mini-videos demonstrating what can and shouldn’t happen at the beginning of a race. 

Busy Week!

What an amazing week for sailing in Juneau.  It all started with the great 2011 SEAS Kick-off Party where approximately 50 people came to barbeque to talk about sailing.  Commodore Jim Mahan welcomed all the new sailors and rewelcomed all of the skippers and old members. 

It was a beautiful day and many new sailors signed up for crewing, and the older sailor's got reaquainted.

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