Sailor Talk #4 - Safety & Seamanship, Glacier Bay

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 18:00 to 20:00

Sailor Talk #4 will be Thursday, April 16th at 6pm. The topic for our discussion will be Safety and Seamanship, with a presentation on a cruise to Glacier Bay.

Source: Getty Images

The focus on Safety will be from the perspective of a new crew member, since each boat is different. There are basic safety items we should all be aware of (locations of fire extinguishers, moving objects, falling overboard, radio communication in an emergency, etc) and safety gear we should know how to use (PFD, gloves, harness, jacklines, gumby suits, MOB poles, life rings, etc) in the event of an emergency. Sean will discuss the new PIYA regulations, and how they pertain to the requirements for each boat in the SEAS Cup and the Spirit of Admiralty races, as well as a new Safety Template that each skipper can use to create a customized inventory of their safety gear, where it's located, etc.


Eric will give a presentation on a trip he & Maria took to Glacier Bay in 2014 on Shoreless. He'll discuss the permit process, trip preparation list, sights and sounds of the journey. You won't want to miss his slideshow!


We'll also discuss Seamanship, as it relates to safety. Knowing to always keep an eye out for hazards (on & off shore), know the float plan for each sailing trip, understand tides & currents, know how to tie basic knots.


There will be an element of 'show and tell' on safety gear, and the format of the evening will be more of a 'conversation' than a 'lecture'. We want to give everyone a chance to discuss their systems and any questions they have on these topics. Hope to see you there!