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2016 Admiralty Island Rally (AIR)

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Sat, 06/18/2016 (All day) - Sat, 06/25/2016 (All day)
Marmion Island

Starting in 2010, SEAS is sponsoring a series of races around Admiralty Island, called the Admiralty Island Rally, or AIR.  AIR will alternate years with the Spirit of Admiralty, so AIR will be held in even numbered years while Spirit of Admiralty will be held in odd numbered years.

AIR is a unique race held in some of the most incredible country in the world.  It consists of 6 legs, and a couple of days spent in Warm Springs Bay.  The legs are:

  1. Marmion Island to Point Astley
  2. Point Astley to Pybus Bay
  3. Pybus Bay to Warm Springs Bay
  4. Warm Springs Bay to Basket Bay
  5. Basket Bay to Whitestone Harbor
  6. Whitestone Harbor to Auke Bay
  7. Auke Bay to Sheep Creek

To participate, read the instructions and fill out an Entry Application.

All boats must be 20 feet in length, and meet PIYA Category III requirements.  The fee for the set of races will be $75.


2014 AIR Application for Entry.pdf88.28 KB
2014 SEAS AIR SS Instruction.pdf1.84 MB