2013 Maritime Festival

During this years Maritime Festival at Marine Park, I think we experienced every type of weather imaginable in one day:  winter in the form of sleet, spring in the form of rain, and summer in the form of brief periods of sunshine!  None of these weather extremes could deter a determined group of SEAS sailors from participating by taking people on short sailboat rides.  The winds were anywhere from 10-15 knots with maybe one foot seas so it made for some exciting sailing.  I brought Lyric over to the dock by the Wings of Alaska float and Eric Keifner, the skipper of Shoreless, also came over and after giving a few rides to people, we decided it was too rough at that dock and ended up at the day dock by Marine Park!  That turned out to be a stroke of genius because it was closer to the Maritime Festival and made it easier for participants to access the boats. 

Between Shoreless and Lyric, we probably took upwards of 30 people out for short sails around the inner harbor and since the winds were consistant, angles of heel were upwards of 25 degrees!  Whole families, couples, kids, and individuals were treated to both wind and water (in the form of the ocean and liquid sunshine). Many of the kids were sporting the 'Kids Don't Float' life jackets which fit with the SEAS emphasis on boating safety! 

Crewing for the two SEAS boats were Joel Osburn on Lyric and Brian Lieb on Shoreless with Ruth Kostik and James Bib doing dockside duties.  We couldn't have done it without their help and support.  We hope you'll join us next year for another successful Maritime Festival event.

Wade Rogers

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