Busy Week!

What an amazing week for sailing in Juneau.  It all started with the great 2011 SEAS Kick-off Party where approximately 50 people came to barbeque to talk about sailing.  Commodore Jim Mahan welcomed all the new sailors and rewelcomed all of the skippers and old members. 

It was a beautiful day and many new sailors signed up for crewing, and the older sailor's got reaquainted.

Auke Rec Beach Party and Favorite Channel Race

Light Air Makes for Slow Sailing and Slow Gun Running!

I am sorry for the delay in posting the account of what happened the weekend of July 11-12, but the results of the races were slowed as the SEAS Club Handicapper was galavanting about in Northern Southeast Alaska's hot springs.


Shoreless, Loaa Nalu, and Haiku came around Douglas Island to join High Noon from Auke Bay to Aaron Island and back on Saturday, but were might by light winds and fast currents.  All of the boats eventually dropped out of the race with Shoreless making it the farthest down course by nearly passing Pt. Lena (1/4 of the way through the race). 


But the SEAS sailors were not to be deterred, as the light winds made for a great beach party at Auke Rec.  Aspiring, potential, and experienced sailors gathered at Auke Rec to enjoy the musical musings of Slow Gun Runner. 


Aside from the great music, there was great food and IPA beer generously donated by The Alaska Brewing Company

The author would like to take this moment and sign the praises of Alaskan IPA, but of course only to people over 21.


Many new members signed up and have already participated in club events, including the buoy racing on Sunday!

4th of July Parade


 Most Original Float Douglas Parade: SEAS


SEAS sponsored, decorated, and drove a float through both the downtown Juneau parade, and the Douglas parade. 


The entire day was perfect, great weather, great people, and a whole lot of fun.  The SEAS folks gathered at the float in the Department of Fish and Game parking lot at 7:30 am, and the parade didn't start until noon.  So that gave SEAS plenty of time to schmooze the judges, check out the other floats, hand out flyers to other participants, and just get in the mood.


Then the floats began the procession down Egan Drive to Main Street, right on Front Street, and back on to Egan via Franklin street.  The entire parade took a couple of hours, and the driving was slow but intense as children of all ages leapt in front of the vehicle to snatch the candy being tossed from the floats.

April 25th - The After Party

The SEAS Sandy Beach 2009 Season Kick-off party was a huge success!  


So the party started at 1700 with only a few people and some windy drizzle, but things rapidly picked up.  After moving to the shelter with a fire place, and starting a little fire.  Prospective sailors began showing up, the pizza arrived, and the fun commenced.