Beach Dogs and Sailors

Sailors of all ages gathered on a beach on Admiralty Island this past weekend during the annual SEAS Admiralty Cove Beach Party.  


All enjoyed good food, a moderate blaze and the company of old and new friends.One notable absents were the  bugs, they must have missed the invitation.





2013 Maritime Festival

During this years Maritime Festival at Marine Park, I think we experienced every type of weather imaginable in one day:  winter in the form of sleet, spring in the form of rain, and summer in the form of brief periods of sunshine!  None of these weather extremes could deter a determined group of SEAS sailors from participating by taking people on short sailboat rides.  The winds were anywhere from 10-15 knots with maybe one foot seas so it made for some exciting sailing.  I brought Lyric over to the dock by the Wings of Alaska float and Eric Keifner, the skipper of Shoreless, also came over

SEAS Kick-off Weekend a Success

The SEAS BBQ and nautical treasures sale was a success.  In true southeast Alaska spring fashion we all huddled under the protection of a Sandy Beach Shelter, and had food and drinks around a fire, defying wind and rain.  Bargains were had (should have seen the “Free” table!), stories told, and plans made for the upcoming sailing season.  About 35 or so attendees came and went, in spite of the weather.