4th of July Parade


 Most Original Float Douglas Parade: SEAS


SEAS sponsored, decorated, and drove a float through both the downtown Juneau parade, and the Douglas parade. 


The entire day was perfect, great weather, great people, and a whole lot of fun.  The SEAS folks gathered at the float in the Department of Fish and Game parking lot at 7:30 am, and the parade didn't start until noon.  So that gave SEAS plenty of time to schmooze the judges, check out the other floats, hand out flyers to other participants, and just get in the mood.


Then the floats began the procession down Egan Drive to Main Street, right on Front Street, and back on to Egan via Franklin street.  The entire parade took a couple of hours, and the driving was slow but intense as children of all ages leapt in front of the vehicle to snatch the candy being tossed from the floats.

A very deserving 'thank you' goes to these people for help in decorating:  

  • Ati Nasiah
  • Capt. Kristin Kranendonk
  • Mary Sternfeld
  • Lissa Kramer
  • Liz Agnew
  • Nikki Dawson
  • Barbara Shepherd
  • Cynthia
  • Dan Monteith and Cameron Young (parking and trailer loan)
  • Fletch the dog

The participants in the Parade were:

  • Brian Lieb
  • Mary Sternfeld
  • Kristin Kranendonk
  • Liz Agnew
  • David Pichard
  • Nikki Dawson
  • Ati Nasiah
  • Esme'
  • Lilly
  • Johanna!
  • Alpheus Bullard
  • Roald Simonson
  • Lissa Kramer


Thanks for the help everyone, and thanks for making it all go so well!