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Improvement to 'hanked on' headsail attachment

I'm interested in finding out more about the headstay 'twin-slot' system employed on High Noon. I'd like to replace my hanked-on sails with a luff-groove setup like you've got Mike, but don't know the manufacturer of the forestay track system. Basically, I don't want to introduce a potential source of mechanical disfunction in a furling system, but want to be able to make headsail changes quickly with the double/twin-slots like you've got. Another big benefit of that system is having well-shaped sails to change out instead of compromising with the shape of a furled genoa. Thanks. ~JDOg

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Rigging a Loose Footed Main

So, I have recently changed from an attached mainsail to a loose footed mainsail, and am wondering about the rigging on the clew of the main. 
Right now, I am using the old outhaul to attach the clew.  The outhaul is on a car that is in the track of the boom.  This seems to work fine, except in a couple of situations.

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