Rigging a Loose Footed Main

So, I have recently changed from an attached mainsail to a loose footed mainsail, and am wondering about the rigging on the clew of the main. 
Right now, I am using the old outhaul to attach the clew.  The outhaul is on a car that is in the track of the boom.  This seems to work fine, except in a couple of situations.
1. Reefing.  I have found that having the foot attached there has made it difficult to bring the reef point down hard enough.  The new sail bunches up and keeps me from getting the new tack tight enough to make the reefed sail flat, I have found I have to release the old tack just to get the trim right.
2. Light Air, in really light air, the foot of the sail is held too close to the boom and will not flop over the boom.  I think I can fix this with a shackle attached to the outhaul car.
It seems that if you attach the sail to the outhaul line, but not the car you will have the problem with the clew falling way off to leward of the boom.  Anyway, any suggestions?

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