To promote the appreciation of sailing and foster a community and culture committed to advancing both sailing and sailing education in the Juneau area.

Sail Measuring Completed!!

04/26/2014 - 12:00 to 15:00

SEAS Handicapper, Brian Lieb, reviewed all boat ratings at the @360 studio at KTOO. Many of the boats of the SEAS fleet have registered with the Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet of the Pacific Northwest as well ( Everyone will be rated and ready to go for the first race of the season on May 10th. Check the race schedule and register for the SEAS cup if you haven't already done so. Also, if you are interested in crewing on a boat, come out to the SEAS BBQ on May 9th at Sandy Beach, or keep an eye on the website and join us on Facebook.

Great Sailing Adventure! Admiralty Island Rally (AIR)

Promoting again folks - getting down to the wire for entry! ....Boat owners who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply for entry in the Admiralty Island Rally (AIR). 

This is a SEAS recreational event open to both racing and cruising sailboats, promoted in the spirit of adventure of all sailors.  This is an incredible way to get away from town and into ship-board living for a week, testing both technical sailing skills and the basics of being prepared for anything and everything life on the water in our region can bring. 

So skippers: Confirm you Crew, pack you coolers and join us June 21-29!  9am start at the Marmion Line, this next Saturday mornign!

Educational Webinar Voting

We are planning on scheduling a sailing webinar, and the Commodore would like to poll the membership on what they'd like to see.  The choices are:


UK Sailing's Racing Rules Quiz Program

NorthU's Trim Webinar