BBQ Spring Party

Sandy Beach Savikko #1
Friday, May 11, 2018 - 18:00 to 21:00

BBQ Spring Party | May 11th, 2018 | Sandy Beach Savikko #1

SEAS will be starting the season off with delicious food, refreshments, and great company. The BBQ Spring Party event is a SEAS tradition, and everyone is invited! We're hosting a BBQ Party from 6pm-9pm at Sandy Beach Savikko #1 and we would love to see you there. 

SEAS Membership Forms will be available at the party for those who wish to or still need to renew their memberships! SEAS Cup Registration Forms will also be available for skippers who wish to register for the SEAS Cup race series.

These events are also a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting into sailing to learn more about SEAS and all that the club have to offer. 

Everyone is invited, as are your family & friends! Pass on the invitation!