UAS Diesel Engine Course

Hi All,

Thought I'd note that UAS is offering its Diesel Engines Simplified course that is theoretically oriented toward helping boat owners with diesel engines understand their engines and learn basic maintenance. It isn't always offered but is on the schedule for this fall, running Monday and Wednesday evenings from August 31 through October 19.

Class can take 18, 7 signed up so far (I think they need 8 to actually hold the class, but am not sure about that).

78509 DESL S106 J01 UAS - Juneau Campus 3.000 Diesel Engines Simplified MW 06:00 pm-
10:00 pm  Neil A Voelckers (P) Aug 31-
Oct 19 Technical Education Center/Jun 114

Sorta pricey, $754 including all fees, but then again, perhaps it could be more costly not to know what you're doing.