What do you think of the cost? $1,200 for standing rigging replacement.

Hi All,

What do you think of a cost of $1,200 for basic materials replacement of standing rigging? This doesn't include installation or any of the on-deck or on-mast connections, just the rigging itself (headstay, backstay, cap shrouds, lower shrouds). And it does not include a back stay adjuster, which would be an extra $275. When I first spoke with the oufit they told me a total replacement might be about $700-$800. When I asked why so much more for the quote now they said they didn't realize I had four rather than two lower shrouds and deltas on the backstay.

Most people who have looked at my boat and the rigging seemed to think the rigging looked in pretty good shape, but of course when I sent it to them the rigging company told me it was all horrible, with turnbuckles that had been recalled many years ago and wires that though didn't look frayed, were corroded. Needs a complete replacement.

If this is what it costs, I guess this is what it costs, but if any of you with more experience think I would be paying too much if I paid this, please speak up (quickly) as I don't really know. I don't know enough about the specific specs to get a different quote from another rigger. And this rigger has all my rigging.