Anyone have mast crutches/cradles to lend?

Hi All,

I have a deck-stepped mast and and am thinking of lowering it on deck to do some checking of the mast and possibly adding a couple items.

In looking at instructions online for lowering similar masts, the mast usually is lowered into some sort of "mast crutch." It appears that some of these "crutches" are specifically made for the model sailboat, and some are handmade. I can't really find a product of "mast crutch" except a couple that seem to be for particular models (are designed to go into a particular preformed slot or bracket on the boat, etc.). Most of these are for trailering applications. Mine would be just to have a secure place to lower the mast into and to keep it secure as it is stored on the boat in the harbor while I am working on it.

I'm thinking I will need to figure out how to make my own "crutches" or "cradles" to somehow attach at the bow and stern but thought I would check here first.

Does anyone have a pair of mast crutches/cradles that are sort of universal (so would work for my boat) that I could borrow for an indeterminate time (I am hoping perhaps not more than a few weeks).

Thanks for considering,