Sailor workshop space through SEAS

SEAS sailors:  I am trying to get a sense of who all may see having a common workshop/storage locker space, possibly as a benefit of SEAS membership.  Not everyone has a garage to dedicate to boat stuff, and I am looking at a boat condo in the down town area (rock dump).  The thought is to develop a combination woodshop/metal shop/layout space with some large locker type storage units specifically for boat related things: sails, parts, projects, etc.  Would have low level heat and a bathroom, and likely card reader or code access.  Dimension are 25'x50'x24' high, so would need to be organized in a way that would be considerate for all participating.   Questions come up as follows:

-  Is this the kind of thing you would be interested in being a part of?

-  How much would you pay annually for this kind of amenity, and would you see it as part of a SEAS membership or something apart?

-  What kind of work shop space would you be looking for, and how frequently would you see yourself using it?

-  Would you mind scheduling time in the shop with other users - via sign-up sheet or what ever?

-  How much storage locker space would you see as a minimum if you were interested, if any?

I currently have a 4-way rent split on a storage unit out in the valley - convenient place to keep tools and go do projects, as well as store the winter covers, sails, etc.  I am currently buying the boat condo as a sort of longer term investment, trying to figure out what to do with it in the meantime.  If I am going to keep it heated to operate as a common shop with a bunch of people I need to at least recover that heating and maintenance cost, and maybe the cost of a little insurance.

I also have a wood worker interested in the space, and possibly the new local MakerSpace folks.  These may or may not be compatible with the sailing crowd, but sharing could be an option. 

So... any interest out there?  Ideas?  Respond here or shoot me an email.

Sean Boily