SEAS Awards Party for 2013



The 2013 sailing season was one of the best in several years, what with the long dry spell, warm temps, and favorable winds.  SEAS enjoyed one of our best sailing seasons since our founding in 2009 and had some genuine excitment during our last race to Taku Harbor.  Race participation was up from the previous year with a few new families and boats making lifelong memories.  

This year's SEAS Cup was awarded to Brian Lieb, his crew and his boat, Haiku, for yet another successful racing season.  Besides being a great skipper, Brian's crew is well trained and handle his boat quite well.  SEAS also awarded 2nd and 3rd place etched glass mugs to other SEAS Cup boats, a plaque to the Most Improved Boat, and in keeping with our emphasis on family events, a plaque for Best Family boat.  

Our 2013 Awards Dinner was held on Friday, January 18th at T.K. Maguires, and was attended by nearly 30 people!  We've had excellent turn out at our events this past year and our newly elected board is already busy setting up this years race and event schedule.

During the winter months, SEAS hosts 'Sailor's Talk', an informal series of educational presentations.  Our first one is January 30th from 6-8 pm at the KTOO conference room and will feature cruising sailors who will share trip pics from various locations around the globe and from around southeast Alaska.  Usually a question and answer period follows and we encourage you to BYOB and bring some food to share with everyone.  

February 20th, we'll be hosting a Sailor's Talk on boat projects with different skippers showcasing with pictures those projects they've undertanken since the last race in 2013.   March 20th, we plan to do a funny yet serious discussion and video presentation on boating safety and finally, April 17th, we'll review Racing Rules, which bring order to sailboat race starts and what to do when boats meet.  Look us up on FaceBook for continuing coverage of our plans for this year's events.