Mylar/Kevlar Sail Repair

So, I have an older kevlar/mylar sail, and the mylar is starting to wear out and 'crack' especially where it travels over the lifelines.  So the kevlar threads are starting to fray, and I get these whispy kevlar strands hanging out of the sail.
I have read about mylar sail tape, and then westmarine and some other places have kevlar sail tape:
West Marine Kevlar Sail Tape
Mylar Sail Tape
  I guess I would like to know if anyone has tried any of these, and if so what were the results?  Also, where did you purchase it.  The only place I have found online with the mylar tape were english sites.  Though I have found some kiting sites that have mylar tape, which I assume is for the same stuff.
Any help would be appreciated.