April 29 - GOTB

Cetus sailing image #2 image #2 image #2 image #2

The boats, crew, and sun showed up, it was too bad that the wind didn't.  But light air can't keep a good sailor down, so in SEAS first GOTB Wednesday night sail, 9 boats came out. 


Three new boats sailed the waters with the fleet, including a Walker Bay dinghy, Cetus, and Peregrin.  Juneau sailors enjoyed an evening of great weather, and being out on the water in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.  Sailing peacefully amongst good friends and fun boats, is there anything better?


The camaraderie was destroyed, however, when the commodore's boat, Haiku, was viciously attacked by water balloon wielding pirates claiming to want a photo opportunity.  The attackers came up to Haiku, asking for the unsuspecting crew to photograph Spindrift with her new crew.  Haiku's crew, a bright and noble lot, when asked to photograph a seemingly excited crew, happily obliged.


Once the crew was occupied the vicious Pirates of Spindrift began hurling water balloons at the unsuspecting crew.  Several of the ordinance were left unexploded, and the drenched Haikus valiantly fought back, but by then the Spindrift had moved off.   It was later discovered that an actual conspiracy to attack the Haiku on this first night of sailing, and it is the mission of the Commodore to root out these conspirators, and make them pay! 

In this photo, you can see the pirates attacking, including the actual attacker, his ordinance, and the vicious glee they are expressing at attacking the unsuspecting crew of Haiku.

Attacking Pirate Vessel