Coast Guard VHF Coverage chart, aids to navigation, and NavCen links

 Thought I'd share some very useful links from the Coast Guard you'll find handy:

This link shows the areas where the CG 'high level' antenna sites do and don't reach so if you're out somewhere and are wondering if you could get in touch with the CG, this will show you the areas in which there is and isn't a good signal to the CG.  I'm going to print this in color and put it w/ other documents on my boat.
2.  This is a list of aids to navigation and how they're used in SE Alaska:
It shows their location, range, pattern characteristics, and explains the difference between single, group, and composite flashing characteristics.  
3.  Finally, the USCG NavCenter:
Look under the 'current operational/safety information' area for most of what you'll find on this site.  It's very extensive and you might find the info on MF/HF/VHF frequencies useful.  For example, here's a list of VHF channels and how they're used.  
I'll also post this on the SEAS site in the forum area.