Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 18:30

As a part of their continuing educational series called 'Sailors Talk', SEAS, the SouthEast Alaska Sailors, are being given a tour of the Juneau Coast Guard Communications Center on April 5th.  

During this tour, Coast Guard personnel will discuss the operation of the Coast Guard communications center and how search and rescue events are coordinated.

The tour will begin with a tour of the 'Sector Juneau' area, complete with a look at how communications are conducted during search and rescue events and then will include a look at the District operations area in the Juneau office.

This tour is limited to no more than 10 additional individuals other than those SEAS already has attending so if you'd like be be considered, call 209-1094 or 321-4131.  SEAS is a non-profit organization promoting sailing and boating safety and sailing events.