Coast Guard Juneau Sector and Division SAR's tour

SEAS members,

Below is the email I received today from Chad Mountcastle with the Juneau Coast Guard confirming our tour of Sector Juneau.  It contains vital info for this to pull off smoothly.  Basically we'll meet at the rear entrance to the Federal Building, which is over the foot bridge (park in the rear of the Federal Building) NO later than 18:45 on April 5th.  Everyone needs to be in a group at the entrance to make this work.  You'll have to go thru security so read his instructions below.  It's kind of like going thru TSA at the airport. 

Fifteen is the max number of people they can handle so get some friends together who are either in SEAS or interested because this should be a very interesting tour. 

Chad said they're going to run us through the Sector Juneau operation first then through the District operation after that.  I won't be in town so I'll miss this event but if you have any questions, please contact me on my cell, 907 209-1094 or Chad Mountcastle at the email address below or at 907 463-2992.  Chad has been very helpful in this process and Sean, since I'll be out of town, it's your show, Commodore!  His cell phone number is in this email as well should there be any issue while waiting to get into the Federal Building.  (907) 957-6727

A friend of mine, Terry Jones, is a retired Master Chief with the Coast Guard, and will accompany this tour.  Terry helped set this event up so give him much of the credit. 


SEAS Vice Commodore

Here's Chad's email:

Good afternoon!  Everything is set for your tour, on April 05th at 1900, of the Coast Guard Command Center.

A few things to keep in mind that will ensure the federal building entrance process goes quickly and smoothly...  Since security will be clearing everyone after their workday, I would request that everyone assemble promptly at 1845 at the back door of the federal building.  Also, please ensure cellphones, weapons, and anything metal is left in vehicles as the security process is ran like airport security.

We look forward to your visit.  If there's anything I did not answer, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks!

Very Respectfully,
OSCS Chad C Mountcastle
USCG Sector Juneau
Command Center Supervisor
907-463-2833 (work)
907-957-6727 (cell)