April 25th - The After Party


The SEAS Sandy Beach 2009 Season Kick-off party was a huge success!  


So the party started at 1700 with only a few people and some windy drizzle, but things rapidly picked up.  After moving to the shelter with a fire place, and starting a little fire.  Prospective sailors began showing up, the pizza arrived, and the fun commenced.


The SEAS skippers were introduced, and soon after that the stories commenced.  Sailing questions were asked and answered.  Information was shared, crew met skippers, skippers met skippers, and crew met crew.  In fact, at one point an entire group of women arrived wearing little sailor caps.  This marked a point where the part got a little bit louder and little bit crazier.  


A sign-up list was placed on a table for crew to get put on our mail list.  At the end of the night, there were 40 new names and email addresses added to the SEAS contact list.  Now, all we have to do is keep the excitement going!