Dinghy Seminar Success

Thank you Juneau Youth Sailing


In the first cooperative event between the two sailing groups, Juneau Youth Sailing (JYS), held a dinghy seminar for SEAS members, to get us out on the boats and sailing. 


On Saturday, August 1st, the day dawned with a 10-12 knot northerly, perfect for sailing the JYS's Vanguard 420's.  Chris Miller instructed the SEAS sailors the best way to tack the 420's, and talked a little about how to hike, and jibe as well.  Then we had to get wet.


Hans and Carl took one of the 420's to the north end of Aurora harbor where they demonstrated how to right a capsized dinghy.  Then the SEAS sailors had to demonstrate how to do it as well, by capsizing the dinghy, and then rolling it back over getting everyone back in the boat.  After the safety talk and capsize demonstration the boats went out to sail.


The boats practiced tacking and jibing around marks by following the leader.  After the very basic boat handling had been practiced and lunch had been eaten, the boats raced. 


During lunch, Chris Miller set up the course by placing 4 marks around the channel.  He would call out a race number and by that the boats would know in which order to sail around the marks.  In all, 5 races were held, with the youth sailors creaming the SEAS sailors every time.