Beach Party - April 24, 5:00 pm


Are you looking to crew?  Do you have a sailboat and are looking for crew?  


On April 24 (5:00 pm) a group of sailors will converge on Sandy beach with solutions to these yearly dilemnas.  The NEW sailing club SouthEast Alaska Sailing (SEAS) is throwing a beach party to unite excited skippers and crew.  So if you are interested in sailing the waters of Southeast Alaska, or just doing some turns in the channel, come down to Sandy Beach on April 24th to meet and greet sailors.  


- If you have dreamed of sailing, but never been able to get out on the water, this is the perfect time to meet people with a sailboat who ALWAYS need crew.


- If you are experienced crew, and want to get out on some boats this summer to race, there are plenty of boats looking for someone just like you.


- If you have a sailboat, and never seem to be able to get it out and sail, we are starting a program called Get Out The Boat (GOTB) to help you.  Experienced skippers will be at this party to answer questions and to coordinate with you to help you get your boat out and sailing.


- If you just want to cruise your boat, but have questions about where to go or what you need, there will be long time Juneau sailors here for you to pick their brains.


- If you are a skipper, and need that extra crew or two so that you can fly that chute in the races, this is a great time to meet some crew and get their numbers.


Basically, if you have any interest in sailing, whether it be racing around Admiralty, participating in the SEAS Cup, sailing on Wednesdays after work, or just getting out into the beautiful waters of the Inside Passage, this party is a great opportunity for you to meet other people with that same interest and share knowledge and ideas.


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