Asterix Takes the Day!

If Saturday's buoy race is any indication, the 2018 SEAS sailing season is going to be exciting!  

The ominous predictions of rain and wind were the primary discussion at Saturday morning's skipper's meeting.  The first race of the season was being planned, the breaking in of new crews and shaking the rust out of old ones was going to have to be done in the inclement weather.  

As the day wore on the boats were being prepped to take to the water, the rain never materialized and the wind remained steady at 15 knots.   Excitement began to grow in the fleet as the time counted down to the 2018 SEAS season start.  The boats motored out past the Tlingit canoes to the start, where Kyrie had already set a line.
Race #1

The first race began at 1315, with 6 boats at the starting line.  Lyric, Sheer, Asterix, Darwin's Folly, and High Noon were all on the line, followed closely by Vitamin Sea.  Darwin's Folly was the first to the upwind mark, followed closely by Sheer and Asterix.  High Noon was next followed by Lyric and Vitamin Sea.

As the boats ran to the downwind mark, Darwin's Folly got her legs and stretched her lead a bit on the duelling Sheer and Asterix, with High Noon gaining every minute, rounding the second mark, there had been no change in the order, but the race was still very much in question.  The boats rounded the final mark for the beat to the finish in the same order, but High Noon had closed the distance on Asterix and Sheer, who were trying to remain in contact with Darwin's in hopes of correcting to first.

On the home stretch, Darwin's Folly went back out towards the middle of the basin, Sheer followed but soon tacked back to port, where she and Asterix had a very close crossing with Asterix having taken the lead.  While all of this was happening, High Noon used her incredible upwind prowess to pass the duelling boats.  Asterix stayed on starboard on High Noon and Darwin's tails as Sheer went in close to Douglas.  

As the boats tacked to the finish, It was clear that the finish order would be Darwin's Folly and then High Noon, with a very close finish between Asterix and Sheer.  The earlier cross turned out to be foreshadowing of the finish, and Asterix took the line from Sheer.  

Lyric and Vitamin Sea finished and the second race countdown began.

Race #2

With the first race under their belt, the crews and skippers gained confidence and the second race pre-start was a little more aggressive, with a foul by Little Red.  High Noon extricated themselves from the foul for a great start with Sheer, Asterix, and Darwin's Folly close behind at the windward mark.  Lyric, while having a great start, had lost some ground to Vitamin Sea.  Little Red continued after the foul.

The second race was to be a simple windward-leward course, so as the boats rounded the mark, they prepared for the run down the channel.  High Noon reached up to get boat speed so they could reach fast at the leward mark, while sheer went in closer to Douglas again.  Asterix and Darwin's Folly ran straight at the mark, with Darwin's taking advantage of her longer waterline to close the distance at the mark.  Again, there was no change in position at the leward mark with High Noon in front, followed by Sheer, Asterix and Darwin's Folly.

The final beat to the finish line would determine the race, again.   The four leading boats tacked their way to the finish, with Darwin's overtaking Sheer and Asterix, but High Noon was clear ahead.  Asterix fought to stay within striking distance managed to pass Sheer on the upwind leg.  The remained close enough to correct in the second leg again.

Results are here: