ford c-max 2008 owners manual

ford c-max 2008 owners manual


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ford c-max 2008 owners manual

It is an integral Your Ford has been built to the part of the vehicle.As a result, you can enjoy driving it for many years. If your vehicle has to. See Lighting control (page 64). Front fog lamps. See Front fog lamps (page 65). Rear fog lamp. See Rear fog lamps (page 65). Headlamp levelling control. See Headlamp levelling (page 66). Direction indicators. See Direction indicators (page 71). Main beam. See Lighting control (page 64). Instrument cluster. See Gauges (page 88). See Warning lamps and indicators (page 90). Horn. See Horn (page 55). Wiper lever. See Wipers and washers (page 59). Card holder. Airbag deactivation indicator. See Disabling the passenger airbag (page 33). Parking aid switch. See Using the parking aid (page 162). Start button. See Keyless starting (page 145). Hazard warning flasher switch. See Hazard warning flashers (page 70). See Air vents (page 107). Heated windscreen switch. See Heated windows and mirrors (page 114). Multi-function lever: Information display controls. See Information displays (page 96). Direction indicators. See Direction indicators (page 71). Main beam. See Lighting control (page 64). See Keyless entry (page 44). E78276 Keyless starting Passive locking and unlocking requires a valid passive key to be located within one of the three external detection ranges. WARNING Make sure that you fully engage the locking lever when returning it to its original position. See Adjusting the steering wheel (page 55). See Lighting control (page 64).Adjust the sensitivity of the rain sensor using the rotary control. See Windscreen wipers (page 59). Manual transmission Reverse gear 6-speed transmission E75052 See Manual transmission (page 154). Automatic transmission Note: When the engine is started, the brake pedal and the selector lever button must be depressed before the selector lever can be moved from the park position See Transmission (page 154). Note: Mandatory use of child restraints varies from country to country.

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A choice of ECE approved child restraints which have been specifically tested and approved for your vehicle are available from your. E68920 CHILD SEAT POSITIONING Child seat positions Seating positions Mass group categories Up to 10 Up to 13 9-18 kg 15-25 kg 22-36. However, we recommend that you secure children in a government approved child restraint, in the rear seat. The raised Do not install a booster seat or seating position will allow you to a booster cushion with only the position the shoulder strap of the lap strap of the seat belt. The top tether anchors in your vehicle are located on the floor of the luggage compartment. Turn the key in the rear door in the direction of the arrow to activate the lock. To deactivate the lock turn the key in opposite direction to the arrow. FASTENING THE SEAT BELTS E78079 When in use, the rear seat belts should be placed in the belt guides on the outboard seatbacks. E74124 WARNING Insert the tongue into the buckle until a distinct click is heard,. To fasten the lap and engage it in the larger the seat belt, pull it out steadily and buckle to the left of the centre seat. Do not use only the lap SEAT BELT HEIGHT strap or the shoulder strap. A tone will sound function, press and hold the unlock as confirmation. Repeat this last and lock buttons simultaneously for step for all your remote controls, at least four seconds with the ignition including your original. Remote control type 1 Assemble the key blade until it snaps onto the container. Remote control type 2 Snap the transmitter unit back onto the key. Passive key Insert the spare key blade into the passive key until it clicks into place. Doors Locking and unlocking from Locking and unlocking from the inside the outside Left-hand drive E78260 Right-hand drive E72194 Note: On vehicles without remote control, all doors can also be locked. Central and double locking Left-hand drive E78262 Note: If there is a cut in the power supply e.g.

the battery is disconnected, it is not possible to open the tailgate. E72198 Double locking is an additional theft protection feature which prevents the vehicle s doors being opened E78265 from inside the vehicle. If a failure occurs in the vehicle s Locking the vehicle electrical system the driver s. On vehicles without double locking, the direction indicators will flash twice The direction indicators will flash as confirmation. The vehicle is operated by means of a passive key See Type approvals (page 255). Make sure the blade is inserted the right way up. E78287 To release the spare key blade from the container, press the upper part E78284 of the button. Slide the release slider in the direction Insert the spare key blade back into of the arrow and pull out the key. Push the ignition switch in and turn it to position II. Tailgate E78280 If the passive key is located within the tailgate detection range, only the tailgate can be opened. Remove the passive key from the vehicle interior. All passive keys left inside the vehicle when it is locked will be disabled. In an emergency, press the button on the driver s door handle to stop. Note: Global closing can be activated using the button on the driver s door handle. Global opening and closing can also be activated using the buttons on the passive key. Have the number from the tag provided with immobiliser checked immediately. In deterrent to unauthorised persons addition to this, the sensors located who attempt to open the doors, in the interior lamp unit must not be bonnet or luggage compartment, or. The alarm should be deactivated during this period. WARNING Never adjust the steering wheel HORN when the vehicle is moving. Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. Mode E78046 Volume up: Press the top button on E78048 the back of the remote control. For further information see the separate handbook. When a floor mat is fitted, the pedals may get caught on the mat.

When using floor mats, always ensure that there is enough clearance for the pedals to move. Press the upper part of the switch to move the pedals towards the driver. Intermittent wipe or Autowipers autowipers Normal wipe High speed wipe E71014. Do not operate the washer for more than 10 seconds at a time, CHANGING THE WIPER and never when the reservoir is empty. BLADES Note: On some models, to prevent Windscreen wiper blades the washer fluid reservoir from. Headlamp flasher Pull the lever slightly towards the steering wheel. E71094 Home safe lighting Side and tail lamps Switch the ignition off and pull the direction indicator lever towards the. Note: You cannot switch the front fog lamps on if you have switched autolamps on. REAR FOG LAMPS E73840 Note: If you have switched autolamps on, you can only switch the main beam on when autolamps has switched the headlamps on. E65990 Recommended headlamp levelling control positions Load Persons Control position Load in luggage compartment Front seats Rear seats max. It improves selected reverse gear. See Information messages (page 103). The headlamps will move to a fixed central or dipped position. Have the system checked as soon as possible. E71943 For item location: See Quick start (page 10). It will go Courtesy lamp off automatically after a short time to prevent the vehicle battery from discharging. To switch it back on, switch on the ignition for a short time. To switch them back on, switch on the ignition for a short time. There is a risk of injury due to high voltage. During operation, the bulbs and their surroundings get hot. Switch off the lights and let the bulbs cool down before replacing them. Opening the headlamp assembly (Type 1) Install in the reverse order. Front direction indicators PY21 watt spherical bulb, orange E78109 Note: When replacing the cover, ensure that no wires are trapped at the seals and that the clips engage E78108 with a distinct click. E78116 Remove the bulb holder from the assembly.

Remove and replace the bulb. E78119 Turn the lamp housing anticlockwise and remove it. Pull the bulb out. E78117 Install in the reverse order. Pull off the rear lamp assembly out of the two plastic retainers on the Rear lamps body panel. Open the tailgate. Remove the pillar panel trim inside the luggage compartment. E78124 Disconnect the wiring connector. E78122 Remove the sidewall panel trim to gain access to the second wing nut. Snap the lens back onto the unit. Install in the reverse order. Footwell lamp 5 watt wedge base bulb Pull the bulb out and replace it. Press or lift it again to windows unless they are free stop the windows. Objects seen in convex mirrors will appear smaller and further away than they actually are. Folding mirrors E70846 Left-hand mirror E71043 Right-hand mirror. Electric folding mirrors E78811 Note: When the mirrors are operated often during a short period of time, the system might become inoperable for a certain time to prevent damage due to overheating. If a warning lamp or indicator does not illuminate when the ignition is CAUTION. It will also illuminate if the on if any door, the bonnet or brake fluid level falls below the MIN the luggage compartment is not mark. The restraint system can oil level is correct. Have the only work properly if passengers engine checked by an expert. Never sit on top of a buckled seat belt to avoid the seat belt reminder function. To WARNING scroll automatically, hold the rotary Do not operate the information control in the upward or downward display controls when the position. Economy Standard Adaptive Sport Clock Set Clock 24 Hour Mode 12 Hour Mode Setup Display Configure Help Screen Radio Info Phone Info NAV Info Always off. Aux Heater E98876. If this menu or one of its Wednesday sub-menus is open when the vehicle begins to move, the information. See General information (page If the vehicle is equipped with a Ford 96).

Seven days in the week Instant control One or two times can be programmed for every day of the. Driver side rear door open Locks. Passenger door open Locks. Passenger side rear door Locks.Lighting Warning Message System lamp Brake lamp switch. The vehicle can be driven as normal. However, cruise Brake light fault control cannot be switched on. Have the system checked by an expert as soon as possible. The vehicle can be driven but the acceleration rate will be noticeably Acceleration reduced reduced. Maximum vehicle speed will be maintained. Have the system checked by an expert as soon as possible. Low washer fluid level amber Screen washer. The transmission is too hot. In these extreme conditions the transmission will disengage Trans. Humidity is OPERATION extracted from the air to help keep the windows free of mist. The Outside air resulting condensation is directed to the outside of the vehicle and it is Keep the air intakes forward of the therefore normal if you see a small windscreen free from obstruction. A minor portion of the air stream is always directed towards the To increase the blower speed, select. Set the blower to any position. Open the air vents to suit individual requirements. Press the switch to toggle between Air conditioning outside air and recirculated interior air. Make sure the blower is on.When the system is in mono mode, Note: A description of the Ford all the temperature zones are linked DVD-Navigation System in combination with the automatic to the driver's zone. HEATED WINDOWS AND MIRRORS E78040 Heated windows Switch on the ignition first. Use for quick defrosting or demisting Press the switch to turn on or off. It is automatically switched on or off depending on the outside temperature, the coolant temperature and the alternator load. The sunroof opens and closes whilst the switch is pressed. The anti-trap function is switch to the second action point and disabled and the sunroof cannot be release it completely.

Adjusting the lumbar support E70731 HEAD RESTRAINTS Adjusting the head restraint WARNINGS E70729 Raise the rear head restraint. Removing the head restraint Press the locking buttons and remove the head restraint. ELECTRIC SEATS 2-way electric seat E78059. The centre seat can be folded up and the outboard seats moved rearwards and slightly inboard to provide more E78063. After releasing the WARNING lever, rock the seats to ensure that the catch is securely engaged. Do not fold the seatbacks forward when the seats are in To return the centre seat to its the comfort position (slid rearwards). There are two methods for securing To increase the space in the luggage compartment, the rear seats can be the seats in the upright position folded forward. Before folding the seats back down, pull the lower bar on the rear of each seat and check that the latches are in the delatched (extended) position. Fold the outboard seat supports down and attach them to the retainers on the floor. Detach the centre seat support from the floor and secure it in its retainer on the E78075 floor under the right-hand seat. The heated front seats are operated by rotary controls in the instrument panel. The maximum temperature is reached after five or six minutes. It is regulated thermostatically. The seat heating will operate only when the ignition is in position II. Pull the handle from the front or rear of Pull the sun blind up and attach it to the panoramic roof and fully extend the hooks. Use only Ford accessory CIGAR LIGHTER connectors or connectors specified for use with SAE standard sockets. E78055. If you do, the LED compartments.Fold up the rear centre seat. See Rear seats (page 124). E78101 Place the console onto the storage The console can be used to store tray between the outboard seats 1 items and also serves as an armrest. Press the locking handle under the front of the console 5, pull the console up at the front edge and lift it out 6.

COOL BOX E78103 Push the console rearwards and down at the front until it clicks into position 3. This will obscure your vision out of the windscreen. Before setting off, always ensure that the lid is securely engaged. Note: Avoid keeping heat-sensitive objects and liquids in the front storage compartment. The toll reader should be placed on the passenger side to prevent the reader from obscuring the driver s. Type 1 E92035 E91510. This is because the engine management system must realign itself with the engine. Ignition and all running and your vehicle is stationary.The steering wheel lock is The ignition key should not be left in deactivated when the ignition is this position for too long to avoid. This can be used Note: If the brake pedal is not to drain excessive fuel from the depressed, a message appears in intake manifold after several the information display. If these to switch on the ignition and to start weather conditions persist, an engine the engine. See Cigar lighter (page 134). If you are unable to start your vehicle carry out the following procedure. Type 1 E87381 1. The ignition, all electrical circuits, warning lamps and indicators will be switched off. Do not modify the fuel system Additional fuel will fill the expansion configuration or the space in the fuel tank which could components in the system. You can also use a converter mixture of unleaded petrol and bio ethanol E 85. CAUTIONS Avoid running out of fuel. Your Ford dealer can give you advice on improving your fuel consumption. Do not apply any undue lateral force to the gear lever when changing from 5th to 4th gear as this could lead to the inadvertent selection of 2nd gear. Apply the parking brake and select park before leaving your vehicle. Make sure that the selector lever is latched in position. Note: An audible warning will sound if you open the driver's door and you have not selected park.

Moving off Manual shifting WARNING Note: A shift will occur only when It is not possible to tow-start or the vehicle speed and the engine push-start a vehicle fitted with speed are appropriate. Note: If position P is selected again, this procedure must be repeated. E78321 CAUTION Take care when lifting up the hinged cover. Dab the brake OPERATION pedal when driving from a car wash to remove the film of water. Dual circuit braking system WARNING The ABS does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention. Electronic stability This improves your ability to pull away programme (ESP) on slippery roads or loose surfaces, and improves comfort by limiting WARNING wheel spin in hairpin bends. The switch will illuminate. A message will be shown in the display. See Information messages (page 103). Press the switch again to turn the system on. The system will be switched on automatically every time you switch the ignition on. Do not clean with WARNING sharp objects. The parking aid does not relieve Switching the parking aid you of your responsibility to on and off drive with due care and attention. USING CRUISE CONTROL WARNING Do not use cruise control in E75452 heavy traffic, on twisty roads or when the road surface is slippery. Switching cruise control off E75453 Press the brake pedal or the RES switch. Place luggage and other loads as low and as far forward as possible within the luggage or loadspace. WARNINGS DETACHABLE TOW BALL Do not exceed the maximum vehicle and trailer weight stated on the vehicle identification plate. See Vehicle identification (page 226). ST vehicles are not approved for trailer towing. Do not modify the trailer coupling. Do not disassemble or WARNINGS repair the tow ball arm. Special care should be taken when fitting the tow ball arm, as 1. Do not hold your hand arm. (Must remain perfectly in near the handwheel.E71333 WARNING To avoid risk of injury, never unlock the towball arm with the trailer attached.

If not in use for longer periods of time, lock the mechanism. Push the lever forwards. Maintenance WARNING Remove the tow ball arm and protect the seat with the plug. During this time, you may experience different driving characteristics. Brakes and clutch WARNING Avoid heavy use of the brakes and clutch if possible for the first 150 kilometres (100 miles) in town and for the first 1 500 kilometres (1 000 miles) on motorways. To gain access to it, move the driver s seat forwards. To prevent the warning triangle moving, it should be fixed to the carpet using the hook and loop. Have any work involving these systems or the replacement of relays or high current carrying fuses carried out by an expert. CAUTION Fit a replacement fuse with the same rating as the one you have removed. E78331 Note: You can identify a blown fuse This is located behind the glove by a break in the filament. CAUTION The screw-in towing eye has a left-hand thread. Turn it anti-clockwise to install it. Use the wheelbrace to make sure that the towing eye is fully tightened. Front towing eye E78366 E91637. Use the tow bar to tow a vehicle. TOWING THE VEHICLE ON FOUR WHEELS All vehicles WARNINGS Switch the ignition on when your vehicle is being towed. If the stated speed or distance is to be exceeded the drive wheels must be lifted clear of the ground. See Brake and and resale value. There is a large clutch fluid check (page 202). See Washer professional servicing expertise. We fluid check (page 203). Note: On vehicles with the key free system, use the spare key to open the bonnet. E78143. Brake and clutch fluid reservoir (right-hand drive): See Brake and clutch fluid check (page 202). Battery: See Vehicle battery (page 209). Auxiliary fuse box: See Fuses (page 176). Air cleaner: No maintenance necessary. Engine oil dipstick: See Engine oil check (page 200). Power steering fluid reservoir: See Power steering fluid check (page 202).

Brake and clutch fluid reservoir (right-hand drive): See Brake and clutch fluid check (page 202). Battery: See Vehicle battery (page 209). For easy identification, filler caps and the engine oil dipstick are marked in colour. Engine coolant reservoir: See Engine coolant check (page 201). Brake and clutch fluid reservoir (right-hand drive): See Brake and clutch fluid check (page 202). Battery: See Vehicle battery (page 209). For easy identification, filler caps and the engine oil dipstick are marked in colour. Engine coolant reservoir Brake and clutch fluid reservoir (right-hand drive): See Brake and clutch fluid check (page 202). Battery: See Vehicle battery (page 209). For easy identification, filler caps and the engine oil dipstick are marked in colour. Under certain (LYNX) DIESEL conditions, they could damage the engine. Topping up the coolant WARNING Top up with fluid that meets the Ford specification. See Technical Do not remove the coolant specifications (page 204).POWER STEERING FLUID CHECK Only add coolant that meets the Ford specification. See Technical Vehicles with 1.4L Duratec- specifications (page 204). 16V (Sigma) or 1.6L Duratec-16V (Sigma) or 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT. See Technical specifications (page 204). Vehicles with 1.8L Duratec- HE (MI4) or 2.0L Duratec- HE (MI4) or 2.5L Duratec- ST (VI5) or 1.6L Duratorq- TDCi (DV) Diesel or 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi (Kent) Diesel or 2.0L Duratorq-TDCi. Read and follow WARNINGS the manufacturer s instructions. Do not use abrasives, or chemical solvents to clean them. The fluid level is checked regularly during the routine service inspections. USING BOOSTER CABLES CAUTIONS Connect batteries with only the same nominal voltage. Always use booster cables with insulated clamps and adequate size cable. Using other sizes tyre sizes. Using other sizes could damage the vehicle and will could damage the vehicle and will make the National Type Approval make the National Type Approval invalid.

Vehicles with ESP may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics. Switch Vehicle jack the ESP off. See Using stability control (page 161). WARNINGS The vehicle jack supplied with All vehicles your vehicle should only be used when changing a wheel in. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, select first or reverse gear. If it has an automatic transmission, select park. Have the passengers leave the vehicle. Secure the diagonally opposite wheel with an appropriate block or wheel chock. All vehicles 1. Slacken the wheel nuts. 2. Place the jack with the whole foot area on firm ground. Loss of tyre pressure can affect vehicle handling, leading to loss of vehicle control. Do not use the tyre repair kit if the tyre has already been damaged as a result of being driven. Do not unscrew the suffered excessive damage, making bottle from the holder as the sealant a temporary repair impossible. Start the engine. 1. Open the lid of the tyre repair kit. Move the compressor switch H 2. Peel off the label I showing the to position 1. Immediately drive approximately 5. Check the tyre pressure again three kilometres (two miles) so from the pressure gauge F. If the that the sealant can seal the tyre pressure is too high, deflate damaged area.Return remains of weeks.See Stability control (page 160). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Wheel nut torque Steel wheel nuts 130 Nm Five spoke steel wheel nuts 130 Nm. Gross train weight It is also shown on the left-hand side Maximum front axle weight of the instrument panel. Mobile Home Office E87688 Note: The connection to the system will be displayed on your phone. Making a phone an active phone Phonebook When using the system for the first After start up access to the time, no phone is connected to the phonebook can be delayed for up to. Incoming calls can be accepted by Please consult your dealer for full pressing the MODE button once or details. This chapter describes the phone 2.

Press the MENU button on the functions of the Navigation System audio unit. TravelPilot EX. If you require the OPERATION system to operate in another language please consult your dealer. Voice recognition enables operation of the audio system without the need System response to divert your attention from the road As you work through a voice session ahead in order to change settings, or. Overview Radio The overview below shows the The radio voice commands support available voice commands for the functionality of the radio and allow operating your radio. The following lists will Your phone system allows you to give further information about the create an additional phonebook. The complete command menu.This Store name feature can be used to dial a number by calling up the name instead of the full phone number.Steps User says System answer. Dial number Phone numbers can be dialled after giving the name tag voice command.Note: DTMF can only be used during DTMF (Tone dialling) an ongoing call. The following lists will give Navigation handbook for details of further information about the the command menus. Auto mode Steps User says. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. It is recommended that you use the remote control only in the E78382 countries listed. It is recommended that you use the passive key only in the countries listed. E78384 Engine immobiliser If the type approval of your engine immobilisation system is inspected, refer to the table below. Model line: C MAX. Model: FORD C MAX 2008 1.G Pages: 278, PDF Size: 17.5 MB To avoid injury, take care whenfolding the seats down. WARNINGS Make sure that the locking holeon the floor is clear of sand, rockor any objects which may preventthe seat from locking. Before folding the seats back down,pull the lower bar on the rear of eachseat and check that the latches arein the delatched (extended) position.

Note:If one or both outboard seatsare folded forward together with thecentre seat, the outboard seats mustbe folded back down first. Vehicles with bungee straps WARNING When the bungee strap isdetatched from the headrestraint, it will recoil back into theseat. Take care not to get yourfingers caught when the strap recoils. Detach the bungee straps. 129 SeatsE78073 E78074 Fold the outboard seatsupports down and attach them tothe retainers on the floor. Detach thecentre seat support from the floorand secure it in its retainer on thefloor under the right-hand seat. All vehicles WARNING Make sure the seat is securelylocked by pushing forward andrearward on the top of the seatbackor by trying to pull up the edge of thecushion. Fold the seats back down until theyengage. Raise the seatbacks ensuring thatthey engage in their latches. Make sure the seatbelts will functionproperly and are positioned in frontof the seatback. The rear seatbelts should be placedin the belt guides on the outboardseatbacks. Removing the seats To increase the space in the luggagecompartment, the rear seats can beremoved completely. Fold the seats forward. See Foldingthe seats forward. Fold up the seat to be removed toan angle of approximately 45degrees to the floor. With the seat in this position, pushdown both levers marked in red torotate the locking claws to the openposition. WARNING The rear seats are heavy. Toavoid injury, take care whenlifting the seats. 130 SeatsE78075 E78076 Lift the seats out. Installing the seats WARNINGS Make sure that no objects arelocated in the storagecompartments under the rear seatswhich could get damaged when theseats are folded down. To avoid injury, take care whenfolding the seats down. Make sure that the locking holeon the floor is clear of sand, rockor any objects which may preventthe seat from locking. Ensure that both locking claws arerotated to the open position. To reinstall the seats, lower the seatonto the retaining bar on the floor.

Inorder to do so, the seat should beheld at an angle of approximately 45degrees to the floor. Before folding the seats back down,pull the lower bar on the rear of theseat and check that the latches arein the delatched (extended) position. Push the seat back down until itengages. 131 SeatsE78077 E78073 The heated front seats are operatedby rotary controls in the instrumentpanel. The maximum temperature isreached after five or six minutes. It isregulated thermostatically. The seat heating will operate onlywhen the ignition is in position II. 132 SeatsE78061 Panoramic roof The roof blind is in two sections. Pullthe handle from the front or rear ofthe panoramic roof and fully extendthe required section. To open the blind, slightly pull thehandle against the springmechanism, and push up to releasefrom the hooks. Note:Each blind section will onlyextend to the middle of thepanoramic roof. 133 Convenience featuresE72973 E78057 E91500 Alwaysremove the lighter as a precautionwhen children are left alone in thevehicle. To use the lighter, press it in and waituntil it pops out automatically. Thelighter will also operate when theignition is switched off. Other appliances can be connectedto the cigar lighter power point. When connecting appliances, useonly specified connectors from theFord Accessory range or connectorsfor use with SAE standard sockets. AUXILIARY POWER SOCKETS CAUTION If you use the socket when theengine is not running, the batterymay discharge. Note:You can use the socket topower 12 volt appliances that have amaximum current rating of 10Amperes. Use only Ford accessoryconnectors or connectors specifiedfor use with SAE standard sockets. Auxiliary power sockets are locatedin the centre console and in theluggage compartment. Power inverter CAUTIONS If you use the socket when theengine is not running, the batterymay discharge. If the LED flashes continuously,re-insert the plug or switch theignition off and then on again. The LEDwill flash once.